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Johan Eriksson

Call 1990

Practice Profile

Johan Eriksson is regarded as one of the most reputable lawyers in Sweden, with an experience in criminal law spanning over more than three decades. Widely recognised and frequently sought after as a defense attorney in high-profile cases, he has consistently earned the trust of both clients and peers. Specialising in the defense of key figures within the legal system, including policymakers, judges, prosecutors, police officers, and fellow attorneys, Johan Eriksson has been consistently chosen as the number one defense attorney by his colleagues for ten consecutive years. 

Drawing inspiration from Anglo-Saxon litigation, Johan Eriksson has cultivated a reputation for a composed and minimalist courtroom style. Through this approach, he has learned the art of earning the court's favor. His contributions to the legal field have been acknowledged with the Swedish Bar Association's prize for outstanding services, and he has been appointed as an honorary Doctor of Law at Stockholm University. 

Alongside his courtroom practices, Johan Eriksson serves as a member of the Swedish Bar Association's board. He has been appointed by the Swedish government on multiple occasions to lend his insights as an expert in various state investigations. A sought-after legal commentator in the media, Johan Eriksson provides his insights into national issues surrounding criminal law and policy. Furthermore, Johan Eriksson has a noteworthy legacy of lecturing fellow lawyers and students in the art of litigation at Sweden’s leading legal institutions. 

Johan Eriksson is a founding partner of the Swedish law firm Försvarsadvokaterna. He also engages in writing as an author, having published both non-fictional works and novels.  


  • LL.M. - Stockholm University, 1989



  • Associate and Partner, Advokatfirman Björn Rosengren, 1989 - 1999
  • Founding Partner, Försvarsadvokaterna, 1999 -


  • Swedish Bar Association, 1994 -
  • Member of the Board, Swedish Bar Association, 2020 -

Awards & Appointments

  • Swedish Bar Association's prize for outstanding services, 2018
  • Appointed as Ivris doctorem hanoris cavsa at Stockholm University, 2019
  • Voted as the number one defense attorney by members of the Swedish Bar Association for ten consecutive years, 2014–2023


Handbok för försvarare, Limhamnsgruppen, 2018

Handbok för försvarare (Eng. Defender's Handbook) serves as a practical guide to legal procedures tailored for defense attorneys. It is an integral part of the curriculum for mandatory training courses leading to membership in the Swedish Bar Association. It has been cited by the Swedish Supreme Court, affirming its significance in reflecting the current standards of advocate ethics and professional conduct. 

I rättvisans tjänst, Albert Bonniers förlag, 2020

Johan Eriksson's texts and essays about the life as a defense attorney, depicted through a series of cases that shed light on the elusive nature of justice. 

Tjuv och Polis, Albert Bonniers förlag, 2023

A crime novel that explores the different factions within the Swedish legal system from within. Nominated for Best Swedish Debut by the Swedish Academy of Crime Fiction (Sw. Svenska Deckarakademin).