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Serious & Organised Crime

Chambers has a formidable reputation in the prosecution and defence of allegations of serious and organised crime, with our practitioners providing advice and representation of the very highest quality in the most serious high-profile criminal trials of this nature throughout the UK and abroad. 

Recent Cases

  • Operation Edge [Woolwich] 2020

    Multi-handed class A & B drugs conspiracy involving “Encro chat” devices

    James Martin led Phoebe Bragg in this 4 week case involving surveillance evidence and evidence of “encro chat” devices. The defendant was accused of being the head of an organised criminal network trafficking large quantities of class A & B drugs and involved expert evidence regarding the use of “encro chat” as well as significant legal argument regarding bad character evidence. 

  • R v CU & Ors [Kingston] 2020

    The Feltham Book Heist

    Leading Charlotte Hole. The prosecution of 12 defendants for a number of high-value commercial burglaries, including the theft of rare books by Isaac Newton & Francisco Goya. The prosecution arose out of a JIT (Joint Investigation Team) with Romanian and Italian law enforcement and concerned legal issues in relation to the admissibility of extraterritorial evidence and the presentation of a significant amount of telephone and cell-site evidence. The case attracted considerable interest in the national and international press.

  • Operation Melrose [CCC] 2020

    People Smuggling

    Disclosure junior. Investigation into the 39 Vietnamese nationals who died in a lorry in Essex.



  • R v. IT & anr [Woolwich] 2020


    Gregory Fishwick acted for this Defendant who along with another had been charged with kidnapping a young investment guru, who had brokered multi-million pound deals with a number of people. The investors had seen no returns for their monies and had lost all their capital.  The Defendant had taken on a near half million debt to collect and used social media and a honey trap to corner the complainant.  The Crown applied under the bad character provisions of the Criminal Justice Act to play the jury an episode of TV journalist Donal McIntyre’s criminal underworld programme that focused on this Defendant.  This was resisted and rejected by the Judge. 

    Through persistent applications for disclosure of phone records, CCTV and most importantly bank statements it could be shown that the complainant was a serial fraudster who had lied throughout his account to the police and, most importantly, to the jury. Both Defendants were acquitted after a two-week trial within less than an hour. Instructed by Bark & Co Solicitors.

  • Operation Buster [Leicester Crown Court] 2020

    Drugs Importation & Supply

    Rupert Kent was instructed by ABV Solicitors as a junior alone in this 11-handed drugs conspiracy case, involving the largescale importation and wholesale supply of drugs into and throughout the United Kingdom. The case comprised 12,000 pages of evidence, and this trial (one of four) was listed for 12 weeks.

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