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The Chambers' Extradition team deals with extradition requests from both European and non-European countries and members are instructed in both Westminster Magistrates' Court and on appeal to the Administrative Court.


Members have considerable expertise in dealing with technical and complex challenges to the European Arrest Warrant. Practical and timely assistance is provided, including advice on topics such as the transfer of a foreign sentence to the UK; instructing a foreign lawyer to challenge the European Arrest Warrant in the country of issue; and maximising the chances of bail.


Requests from a diverse range of non-European countries also give Chambers a wealth of experience in dealing with human rights challenges, in particular those arising from poor prison conditions in the country of issue; unfair trials abroad; and the impact of extradition on an extraditee's family and private life, or their mental or physical health.

Recent Cases

  • Thailand v. Aldhouse 2015

    Extradition of British citizen

    Alison Wilkes instructed by the CPS Extradition Unit appeard in this Extradition of British citizen to Thailand to stand trial for the murder of a highly-decorated US Marine. Extensive arguments on prison conditions and the adequacy of diplomatic assurances. Extradition secured; A pleaded Guilty in Thailand and was sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment.