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Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is one of the fastest-growing areas of crime. Organised crime has been quick to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet, particularly the growth in e-commerce and online banking.  It is commonplace for offenders to exploit the speed, convenience and anonymity of the Internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities that know no borders, either physical or virtual, cause serious harm and pose very real threats worldwide. Cyber Crime cases often involve challenging technical expert reports, voluminous financial evidence and multi-jurisdictional investigations. Members of Chambers are already adept at the challenges faced in cases of this type and can provide a wide range of expertise in this area of crime


25 March 2020



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1 November 2019

5KBW awarded Crime Set of the Year at Chambers UK Bar Awards

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Chambers...

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Recent Cases

  • Operation Polarity [C.C.C.] 2017

    Teenager who masterminded Cyber crime attacks upon Sony & Microsoft

    Jonathan Polnay prosecuted this teenager who set up a computer hacking business that caused chaos worldwide. Adam Mudd was 16 when he created the Titanium Stresser program, which carried out more than 1.7m attacks on websites including Minecraft, Xbox Live and Microsoft and TeamSpeak, earning the equivalent of more than £386,000 in US dollars and bitcoins from selling the program to cybercriminals.

    News Report here.

  • R v. Burton [Southwark] 2017

    Radio Host accused of trolling a Muslim politician with Islamophobic tweets

    Ben Temple prosecuted this right wing radio host whom was jailed for vile Islamophobic' trolling of anti-racism campaigner.

    News reports below


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  • R v L [Maidstone MC] 2017

    Defendant accused of creating indecent images on various electronic devices.

    Natasha Wong QC acted for retired defendant accused of creating indecent images on various electronic devices. Instructed by Kingsley Napley.

  • R v. S [Chelmsford] 2016

    Cyber Crime

    Senghin Kong represented a defendant charged with Cyber Crime offences following a lengthy investigation involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Crime Agency and the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit. The Crown’s case was that the defendant had bought and used the “Blackshades” Remote Access Tool but also sold Distributed Denial of Service (“DDoS”) tools on hundreds of occasions in the course of a sophisticated commercial operation. The case involved highly technical forensic computer evidence and complex financial analysis of a multitude of bank accounts and Paypal accounts which were said to be used to launder criminal proceeds through an international network of “mules”. Following negotiation with the Crown, the defendant tendered acceptable pleas to half the counts on the indictment, on an agreed basis. This, combined with mitigation, resulted in a suspended sentence. Instructed by Sternberg Reed Solicitors

  • R v. CO [Croydon] 2016

    PayPal Fraud

    Irshad Sheikh acted in this prosecution of a multi-million pound fraud on PayPal where the defendant played a leading role in an organised crime network perpetrating this substantial fraud. The defendant, with others, was able to compromise about two hundred PayPal customers’ accounts by gaining access to their security details, causing a multimillion pound loss to the company.

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