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Paul Jackson

Call 2002

Recent Cases

Notable Cases

  • R v. Awoyemi & ors [Inner London] 2014

    Attempted Murder

    Paul Jackson represented a male charged with attempting to kill two males on two separate occasions. The allegation concerned gang activity and a firearm the defendant was found in possession of days after it had been used in a near fatal shooting. The first allegation was dismissed and the second was topped at half-time. In this case the admissibility of evidence of gang affiliation featured heavily.

    R v Awoyemi and others (2016) 4 W.L.R. 114

  • R v. Haque [Snaresbrook & C.O.A.] 2013


    Paul Jackson defended a male charged with harassment, putting his own brother in fear of violence. The complainant was so discredited during cross-examination that the Crown offered no evidence declaring in explanation to the jury that "the complainant's credibility had been diminished to vanishing point". Not guilty verdict entered. The trial judge then imposed a post-acquittal restraining order under section 5A(1) of teh Protection from Harassment Act 1997 which was subsequently quashed by the Court of Appeal.

    R v Mohammed Emanul Haque (2014) EWCA Crim 832 and R v Mohammed Emanul Haque (2015) EWCA Crim 767.

  • R v. Newell [Reading] 2011

    Possession of class A drugs with intent to supply

    Paul Jackson defended a male charged with possession of class A drugs with intent to supply. Some time before trial the defendant sacked his original solicitors and Counsel. At trial the defendant accepted possession of the drugs but denied having any intent to supply. The Crown were allowed by the trial judge to put to the defendant a response to a question in the PCMH form asking what were the real issues, his original barrister, had written "no possession". The Crown sought to cross-examine on that statement as being inconsistent with his defence and plea to possession. The resultant

    R v Alan Newell (2012) 1 W.L.R.3142 overturning the decision in R(on the application of Firth) v Epping Magistrates' Court (2011) 4 All.E.R.326