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Recent Cases

  • R v Ma [C.C.C.] 2019


    Paul Walker represented the defendant who was alleged to have taken part in a murder in a North London park. Following Paul`s detailed analysis of hours of CCTV and a number of site visits, the defence were able to present a wholly different perspective of the incident to the jury. The jury returned a unanimous not guilty verdict on the manslaughter count.

  • R v N & anr [Central Criminal Court] 2019

    Landmark F.G.M Trial

    Natasha Wong QC led Paul Walker in the landmark Old Bailey trial involving the defence of a mother and partner under the Female Genital Mutilation Act. The case involved Complex expert medical evidence, child witnesses and extensive evidence of the defendant’s involvement and belief in witchcraft. The case attracted considerable media attention.

    Sky News - BBC News - CNN

  • R v P [Snaresbrook] 2018


    Paul Walker represented the defendant, a 15 year old boy. He was said to have been part of the stabbing of a youth in an East London park. The complainant`s life was saved by paramedics at the scene. The case was particularly challenging as there were a large number of child witnesses. Although convicted, Paul was able to persuade the Judge to impose an extremely lenient sentence.

  • R v S [Isleworth] 2018

    Supply of Class A Drugs

    This trial involved the supply of class A drugs within an immigration centre. High value drugs were discovered, allegedly upon the defendant's person. Following Paul`s extensive cross-examination of the search team of officers and his scrutiny of the body worn footage the defendant was acquitted on all the counts on the indictment.

  • R v T (Blackfriars Crown Court) 2018

    Conspiracy to Supply Firearms

    The defendant was said to be a lead organizer in a conspiracy to supply Uzi machine guns within London gangs. He was arrested with a bagged revolver around his neck. Despite this evidence and “bad character” evidence that he had previously shot a man in a crowded High Street, the jury were in retirement for 4 days following Paul's speech. The defendant received a Life sentence following his conviction.  

  • R v K (Lewes Crown Court) 2018

    Attempted Rape

    Paul Walker representing the defendant who was accused of attempted rape of a female friend, who he had allegedly seduced using left-over KFC food from his work. The telephone downloads, disclosed as a result of defence applications, helped persuade the jury to reach a unanimous not guilty verdict.

  • R v F (Central Criminal Court) 2018

    Violent Disorder and Possession of Firearms

    Multi-handed violent disorder and possession of firearms with intent to endanger life. This case included incredible CCTV footage of armed men fighting in a small corner shop in North London. Shots were fired and the shop was virtually destroyed. By meticulous analysis of the camera evidence Paul secured the defendants acquittal.  

  • R v B (Guildford Crown Court) 2017

    Sexual Assault

    The defendant faced numerous allegations of sexual assault. The 42 civilian witnesses, who gave evidence against him, accused him of a campaign of abuse in the 1970s and 80s. At the time he was the parish priest. Paul had to overcome the fact that Mr Bennett had pleaded guilty to (and been sentenced to a term of imprisonment for) almost identical offences. Despite the “bad character” evidence and the sheer weight of prosecution evidence, Paul secured Mr Bennett`s acquittal on each of the 25 counts on the indictment. The defence speech was commended by the Recorder of Guildford.

  • R v C (Sheffield Crown Court) 2017


    Paul Walker represented the defendant, allegedly a violent gangster and member of the Turkish mafia. Part way through the blackmail trial, following a defence submission, the Judge directed the jury to acquit.

  • R v S (Southampton Crown Court) 2017

    Armed Robbery

    This trial concerned the armed robbery of a brothel. The defence presented by Paul Walker was that the defendant was merely an innocent customer. The defendant was found Not Guilty.

  • R v. I [Huntingdon] 2017

    Conspiracy to obtain criminal property

    Paul Walker led Jonathan Reuben in this complex conspiracy to obtain criminal property. A £300,000 fraud with similarities to the film ‘Catch me if you can’. 

  • R v. Gutteridge [Portsmouth] 2016

    Possession of Class A drugs

    Paul Walker acted for this defendant, cleared of possession with intent to supply cocaine. Mr Gutteridge was found in possession of £5,000 worth of 87% pure cocaine. On his mobile telephone were messages relating to drugs supply. The Crown`s drug`s expert, Michael Ellis, was convinced that Mr Gutteridge was involved in the supply of drugs and told the jury so. Paul suggested a number of alternative theories to the expert in his cross-examination.  The defence was that he was about to throw away the drugs and the messages related to his management of an escort agency. Mr Ellis rubbished any suggestion that his conclusions were wrong. Mr Gutteridge was unanimously acquitted.

  • R v. B [Guildford YC] 2016

    Rape of 6 year old boy

    Paul Walker defended in this rape of a 6 year old boy. The defendant was a 15 year old boy. The case was particularly challenging as the defendant suffered from extreme learning difficulties. Paul successfully argued that he should benefit from an intermediary. Although convicted, Paul was able to persuade the District Judge to impose a non-custodial sentence.

  • R v. Walker [Lewes] 2016

    Violent Disorder

    Paul Walker defended in this Violent Disorder. Mr Walker was said to have been at the heart of an “orgy of violence” that followed a March for England in Brighton. The CCTV showed Mr Walker hitting people with an umbrella and charging across The Lanes at a rival group. Once the CCTV had been scrutinised by Paul and re-presented to the jury from the defence perspective Mr Walker was acquitted.

  • R v. Searle [Lewes] 2015

    Gangland Double Murder

    Paul Walker was led by Peter Rouch QC in this Gangland double murder case, the notorious Hastings murders dating back to 2001. Trial involved the consideration of thousands of pages of evidence collated over a period of 14 years.

  • R v. Traynor [Taunton] 2015

    Sexual Assault

    Paul Walker successfully represented this man charged with rape. The defendant accepted entering the bedroom of a woman and touching her leg as she slept. The complainant had alleged that Mr Traynor had demanded to have sex. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty less than 30 minutes after retiring.

  • R v. Ymeraj & ors [Portsmouth] 2015

    Paul Walker acted as eading junior for the “Albanian connection” in a 14 handed conspiracy to supply cocaine trial. The case concerned a “multi million pound” drugs operation and lasted for 8 weeks. Instructed by Edward Hayes LLP, junior Hannah Smith.

  • R v. Spruhan [Chichester] 2015

    Arson with Intent to Endanger Life

    Paul Walker successfully represented this defendant charged with Arson with intent to endanger life. Mr Spruhan had poured petrol over his sister-in-law in a busy Waitrose store. He had then lit the petrol, which burned until a brave shopper somehow put out the fire. Following a trial and detailed analysis of the CCTV, Mr Spruhan (who did not give evidence) was found not guilty of arson with intent to endanger life.

  • R v. Carella [Hove] 2015

    Child Prostitution

    Paul Walker represented this defendant who was cleared after a Multi-handed child prostitution trial. Mr Carella was D2, his case necessitated a cut-throat defence with D1, who was represented by a QC.Mr Carella was found Not Guilty, whilst all the other main defendants, including D1 were convicted.

  • R v. Miller [Portsmouth] 2014

    Attempted Murder

    Paul Walker defended Mr Miller a 76 year old retired businessman who had plunged a kitchen knife into his wife`s back. He had said “you will die now”. When the police arrived Mr Miller had told them that he had tried to kill his wife. Mr Miller was acquitted of attempted murder.

  • R v. Zharra & ors [Portsmouth] 2014

    Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs

    Paul Walker led Charlotte Hole for the 2nd defendant in this large-scale conspiracy to supply cocaine, an 8 week "professional drug dealing" case. Paul Walker persuaded the crown to serve the full telephonic evidence totalling 20,000 pages. Despite his conviction and the crown`s allegation that he was a “major player” Mr Zharra received a sentence of only 8 years imprisonment following Paul`s plea in mitigation.The 1st defendant received a sentence of 15 years.

  • R v. CC [Southampton] 2013

    Child Abuse

    Paul Walker led Charlotte Hole in this trial involving multiple counts of sexual and physical abuse of 7 children. Defendant had significant learning difficulties.  Analysis of large volumes of social services and school records was neccessary.

Notable Cases

  • R v. Noon [Portsmouth] 2011

    International Paedophile Ring

    Paul Walker led Rishi Nathwani for the main defendant in this 6 week international paedophile ring trial. Their client was the mother of the abused children and the case attracted worldwide publicity. The Crown`s suggested starting point upon sentence was 13 years imprisonment. The Recorder of Portsmouth`s sentence, following mitigation, was 4 years imprisonment.

    Following an Attorney General's reference, the Court of Appeal in March 2012 increased the Sentence of this defendant to 8 years.