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Drug & Money Laundering Couple Sentenced

1 February 2024

Phoebe Bragg, led by Hugh French of 18 Red Lion Court, prosecuted a husband and wife accused of exporting cocaine to Australia and money laundering offences.

Although one shipment of 514kg cocaine was intercepted by the Australian authorities in May 2021, the defendants were convicted of exporting a total of 12 shipments totalling approximately 6 tonnes of cocaine and worth in excess of £700 million in Australia.

The defendants were also convicted of 18 money laundering offences, including nearly £3 million in cash found in a storage unit, and money laundered through a car wash business set up after their initial arrests.

Both defendants were sentenced to a total of 33 years each. The investigation was led by the National Crime Agency and prosecuted by CPS Serious Economic, Organised Crime and International Directorate.