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What The Directories Say

‘A powerhouse of talent’, 5KBW is ‘home to some of the biggest names’ at the Criminal Bar.

Legal 500 2020

“Clever, articulate and brilliant at legal argument."

Chambers UK 2020 | Jonathan Higgs QC

“A truly class act and one of the very best at the Criminal Bar.”

Chambers UK 2020 | Mark Heywood QC

‘An outstandingly skilled advocate, especially in dealing with extremely vulnerable witnesses.’

Legal 500 2020 | Charlotte Newell QC

"Strong from top to bottom’, solicitors receive a ‘second-to-none’, ‘competitively priced’ service from a diverse group of hardworking barristers."

Legal 500 2020

‘She excels in serious sexual offence cases and the disclosure issues that arise during them. ’

Legal 500 2020 | Sarah Forshaw QC

‘A masterful advocate – eloquent, sharp and irresistibly persuasive.’

Legal 500 2020 | Jonathan Polnay

“He just has a way of reducing what are extremely complicated submissions into a really easy, digestible and understandable form. He is first-rate.”

Chambers UK 2020 | Mark Heywood QC

"The clerks ‘all genuinely understand the importance of keeping instructing solicitors informed and always return telephone call promptly. They are all incredibly professional’."

Legal 500 2020

‘He is excellent at putting clients at ease.’

Legal 500 2020 | James Martin

‘A real superstar – a real calming energy in a case.’

Legal 500 2020

“Sarah is a real force to be reckoned with, and hugely respected in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal."

Chambers UK 2020 | Sarah Forshaw QC

"The clerk’s room befits chambers’ good reputation"

Legal 500 2020

“I find the clerks at 5KBW, especially Lee Hughes-Gage, professional, helpful and friendly. They will do all that they can to accommodate your requests, even at incredibly short notice or long distance.”

Chambers UK 2020

“He has extensive experience of how the criminal justice system operates in practice, particularly in relation to the processes used by law enforcement and the mechanics of the various powers available to law enforcement agencies. He has excellent judgement and is able to offer simple, but highly useful suggestions.”

Chambers UK 2020 | Jonathan Polnay

“A truly wonderful set” that has barristers who “prepare everything early and give huge confidence to clients.”

Chambers UK 2020

"Her refusal to back down is one of her greatest attributes. She is extremely dedicated and hard-working, which instils great confidence in her clients and solicitors alike.”

Chambers UK 2020 | Sarah Forshaw QC

"If you are serious about getting the very best representation then you need look no further than 5 KBW."

Chambers UK 2019

"Chambers has an array of talented and hard-working barristers who support their instructing solicitors, and each other, when necessary."

Chambers UK 2019

"There are not enough superlatives to do this gentleman justice; he has a prolific energy that galvanises his cases."

Chambers UK 2019 | Jonathan Polnay

"The clerks are polite and well organised." "The attitude of the set as a whole is that it is hungry to develop new work contacts and provide a higher level of service." Lee Hughes-Gage is the senior clerk.

Chambers UK 2019

"An excellent jury advocate who makes clients feel at ease." "She is a very hard-working and accomplished advocate in whom clients have faith."

Chambers UK 2019 | Sarah Forshaw QC

"The consummate silk."

Chambers UK 2019 | Mark Heywood QC

The ‘fantastic’ 5KBW has dealt with many high-profile criminal cases over the last year and is ‘fast becoming a leading chambers thanks to the ability and experience of its counsel’.

Legal 500 - 2019

‘Her key strength is her very engaging advocacy style – juries and judges are rapt.’

Legal 500 - 2019 | Sarah Forshaw QC

‘Solicitors wouldn’t hesitate to use him – he really is very good.’

Legal 500 - 2019 | Anthony Orchard QC

"A highly diligent new silk who exhibits clear communication skills and has great sensitivity to client concerns. High-value money laundering, rate rigging and corporate theft matters feature in her caseload. She is noted for her experience of handling matters for financial services clients."

Chambers UK 2019 | Natasha Wong QC

'An excellent jury advocate with excellent client care who can take a sensible and pragmatic view.’

Legal 500 - 2019 | Jeffrey Israel

‘She inspires confidence in clients, which is born out in her track record.’

Legal 500 - 2019

‘Very knowledgable, with an amazing client manner – someone you want on your side.’

Legal 500 - 2019 | Susan Rodham

‘Incredibly hardworking, with a level of preparation that is second to none.’

Legal 500 - 2019 | Charlotte Newell QC

‘A go-to barrister in high demand from many top-calibre solicitors.’

Legal 500 - 2019 | Rishi Nathwani

‘Tenacious and fully committed to every case, he is polite but unyielding.’

Legal 500 - 2019 | James Martin

‘Primarily a very fair and effective prosecutor, he is also a very hardworking defence junior who gets on very well with clients.’

Legal 500 - 2018

"He is very well respected, very knowledgeable and a great advocate with extra skill from his scientific background."

Chambers UK 2019 | Alistair MacDonald QC

‘She demonstrates detailed preparation, forensic analysis of the evidence and great people skills.’

Legal 500 - 2018 | Natasha Wong QC

“Her meticulous approach wins plaudits from interviewees who also value her ability to get to the heart of complex fraud matters”.

Chambers UK 2018 | Natasha Wong QC

‘She is robust in defending with a velvet-clad iron fist.’

Legal 500 2017 | Sarah Forshaw QC

'An electrifying character, who has an excellent rapport with clients.'

Legal 500 2017

"Her attention to detail, tactical acumen and sensitivity with clients all deserve the highest praise."

Chambers UK 2018 | Natasha Wong QC

‘As first senior Treasury Counsel, he prosecutes in some of the most serious cases.’

Legal 500 2017

‘He has an exceptional intellect, which allows him to analyse and dismantle a prosecution case with first-class finesse in the courtroom.’

Legal 500 2017

‘Incredibly hardworking and meticulous, with an attention to detail that is second to none.’

Legal 500 2017 | Charlotte Newell QC

‘A first-class junior, who is very tactically astute, hardworking and effective.’

Legal 500 2017 | Rishi Nathwani

‘A no-nonsense advocate and a tough opponent with an attractive manner before juries.’

Legal 500 2017 | James Martin

In the clerks’ room, Lee Hughes-Gage ‘leads a very steady ship’. His team always provides ‘a high-quality service’ by ‘going the extra mile’ for clients and ‘providing the best barrister to suit client needs’.

Legal 500 2018

‘A very effective prosecutor, and also a very hardworking defence junior, who gets on very well with clients.’

Legal 500 2017 | Jonathan Polnay

‘An extremely able advocate, who gains the client’s confidence quickly.’

Legal 500 2017 | Jonathan Higgs QC

'A tenacious advocate, who is knowledgeable and very good with clients.'

Legal 500 2017 | Jeffrey Israel

‘A very accomplished advocate.’

Legal 500 2018 | Alistair MacDonald QC

‘a serious outfit with the ability to take on very high-level cases’.

Legal 500 2017

"She's a silk who reads every piece of paper. She's demanding on those she works with and she's got great client rapport. Juries love her."

Chambers UK 2017 | Sarah Forshaw QC

"You can't get better than Mark Heywood. He's a beautiful advocate with great strategic awareness, who is lovely to work with and a very charming man."

Chambers UK 2018 | Mark Heywood QC

"One of the best lawyers, if not the best lawyer in the country."

Chambers UK 2017 | Mark Heywood QC

"Brilliant. An amazing advocate who's comfortable with the clients, takes an uncompromising approach to case presentation and develops a very good rapport with the jury." 

Chambers UK 2018 | Sarah Forshaw QC

"Well established in the market, he has a stellar reputation for his deft handling of serious crime cases."

Chambers UK 2017 | Alistair MacDonald QC

"He is a class act in every way."

Legal 500 2016 | Alistair MacDonald QC

"He is able to get to the crux of a case extremely quickly and instils confidence in clients like few others. He is an exceptionally brilliant advocate who is loved by juries and judges alike".

Chambers UK 2016 | Alistair MacDonald QC

"He instils great confidence in clients."

Legal 500 2016 | Jonathan Polnay

"Breathtakingly intelligent and beautifully eloquent."

Legal 500 2016 | Mark Heywood QC

"Conscientious, supportive, hardworking and forward-thinking."

Legal 500 2016 | Charlotte Newell QC

"5KBW is ‘a truly independent and a forward-thinking set with a mind on the bigger picture and expertise at its core’. Containing ‘a wealth of high-end experience’ in criminal law."

Legal 500 2016

"Recommended for his experience from his previous career in the Police."

Legal 500 2016

Mark Heywood QC "...who is known for the strength of his intellect."

Chambers UK 2016 | Mark Heywood QC

"Intellectually razor-sharp."

Legal 500 2016 | Rishi Nathwani

"She has an engaging manner with solicitors and lay clients."

Legal 500 2016

"A tenacious advocate."

Legal 500 2016 | Jeffrey Israel

"5KBW is a strong set with excellent sexual offence specialists."

Legal 500 2016

“If you want a real leader on the case, then look no further; he really is that good”.

Legal 500 2015 | Alistair MacDonald QC

“He has a phenomenal legal brain and very quickly gets to grips with the facts of a case. His preparation is unparalleled.”

Chambers UK 2020 | Senghin Kong

“An extraordinary barrister – she’s insightful, tactically aware and good on her feet. She commands the respect of the tribunal.”

Chambers UK 2020 | Charlotte Newell QC

“He’s eloquent, understated and extremely bright. He gets fantastic results and is always available on the end of the phone.” “He’s great with clients – I would recommend him without hesitation.”

Chambers UK 2020 | James Martin

“She is disarmingly friendly and makes people feel at ease.” “Very impressive and a really great advocate.”

Chambers UK 2020 | Natasha Wong QC

“Unflappable and very effective.”

Chambers UK 2020 | Anthony Orchard QC

'A fearless silk; Juries love her.'

Legal 500 2020 | Natasha Wong QC

'She is Just Fantastic'

Chambers UK 2020 | Louise Oakley

‘He is highly intelligent; he is prolifically hard-working and has endless stamina and he is a great strategist and his judgment is pretty perfect. He is one of the best junior Treasury Counsel at the Old Bailey. A masterful advocate; he makes winning look easy.’

Legal 500 2021 | Jonathan Polnay

‘A hard working junior with an unflappable and laid back style. Fierce in cross-examination when required’.

Legal 500 2021 | Ben Holt